Gods of Valtora

The Gods of Valtora are a group of nine beings with exceptional power and influence. Each god is effectively immortal, but can be killed by mortals when a God is killed, their killer recieves all of their powers, as well as their station and title (ie. God of War and Conquest). The Gods must each abide my certain rules:

1. One God is incapable if killing another God.
2. No God is capable of taking their own life.
3. Each God will live indefinitely until He/She is killed by a mortal.
4. The powers of any Clerics, Paladins, or Warlocks that received power from a God that has been killed, are now controlled by the new God that took their place, and may be rescinded by the new God at will.


Several millennia ago, a Cataclysm was supposed to destroy the world of Valtora, wiping the slate clean for another world to rise, as had happened before Valtora had existed. To stop this event, nine individuals from around the world rose up, both good and evil, and banded together to stop the Cataclysm. it is unclear how they accomplished this monumental task, but the Cataclysm was averted, and the creative and destructive powers of the event that never happened, instead flowed into the nine, making them into the first Gods of Valtora.

Current Known Gods
Balthazar, God of War and Conquest, LN, Human
Elwix, Goddess of the Sea, Sky, and Storms, CE,
Alixia, Goddess of Birth and Death, NG, Elf
Dayla Mountainbreaker, Goddess of Building, and Craft, LE, Human
Thyrses, Goddess of Trickery, Thieves and Assassins, CN, Halfling
Unknown, God of Nature, Land and the Wilds
Unknown, God of Magic and Destruction

Gods of Valtora

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