Osca is a nation of green rolling hills and winding rivers, commonly known as “The Riverlands.” In the west of the nation are the Silverstone Mountains, which supply the majority of silver and iron to the country. The land is cut through with rivers running the span of the nation, from the north out to the sea in the south. the southern coast of Osca is typically a series of sheer cliffs bordering the Sea, becoming more hospitable as one travels east towards the port city of Caralis. The capitol city of Whelm in the south-west straddles two rivers as they come together, and is a center of trade for the western half of the country, as Caralis is for the East.

Major Settlements in Osca
Caralis, port city in the east
Whelm, capitol city located in the southwest

Military Installations
Fort Eiger, situated on the souther edge of the Silverstone Mountains

Minor Settlements
Dewhurst, Village in the fertile valley between the Silverstone Mountains and the Rir Forest
Duthford, Mining town in the north of the Silverstone Mountains
Ailmoor, Farming town north of the Silverstone Mountains

Silverstone Mountains
Rir River
Rir Forest


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